This weekend, I’m going skiing, and I’m so happy! There is nothing better than skiing on really soft snow when up in the mountains, surrounded by stunning vistas, sunny, clear days, and bitterly cold temperatures.

With my ski jacket, salopettes, bobble hat, neck scarf, fleece, and ski socks, I am well prepared for the chilly weather. I can’t wait to wear my new ski gear! I only need my skis, ski boots, and poles at this point.

I can’t wait to ski down the mountain and take in the crisp, chilly air while feeling the burn in my legs. I’m looking forward to tripping and looking ridiculous; I simply laugh at myself, get back up, and continue.

I enjoy watching the air temperature drop as you ascend the ski lifts because it makes you want to exit right away and resume skiing before it gets too chilly. It’s exciting to get off the lift because you have to time it perfectly, leap off, and then use the lift to push you away (which is challenging when there are three other people attempting the same thing!).

There are several lifts, and I specifically recall one that you put between your knees to lift yourself called a button lift. I had to hike the remaining distance up after falling off. I slid off the second time we rode this lift, but this time I wouldn’t let go. I ended up holding on in a “Superman” posture until I reached the top, where I could see everyone laughing at me.

Additionally, I adore apr├Ęs-ski. We enjoy a drink at a pub at the peak of the mountain, where we talk about all the amusing events that have occurred throughout the day. The cost difference between a hot mulled wine and a hot chocolate always astounds me. After a hard day of skiing, I always need a hot beverage to warm me up, even though I don’t drink alcohol.

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